Truly multi-modal therapy, Ablatherm HIFU can be considered a primary, as well as second-line curative treatment in case of recurrence following any type of primary therapy.

Ablatherm HIFU as a primary therapy

HIFU leaves the door open to any other option in case of recurrence in the treated or untreated part (focal approach).

Ablatherm HIFU as a salvage therapy

HIFU can be used as a salvage option for recurrence after any primary therapy with a focal or radical treatment strategy.



Rectal cooling system

  • Active liquid cooling
  • Real-time monitoring of rectal wall temperature
  • Prevention of fistulas

External patient movement detector

  • Movements are monitored in real-time
  • Treatment is stopped automatically if a movement is detected

Fistula prevention with rectal wall monitoring

  • Ultrasound image recognition monitors rectal wall for movements
  • Treatment automatically stops if position becomes concerning