Focal One

Focal strategy for Prostate Cancer is taking a growing role in today’s surgical practice. By combining all the latest technologies in imaging and treatment, Focal One® brings the answer to all requirements for ideal focal therapy: accurate and MR-fused imaging, non-invasive surgical approach, precise and efficient therapeutic energy and end-of-treatment validation imaging.

Multi-parametric MRI has become the standard for Prostate Cancer imaging. As a first-line diagnostic tool, it has become universally used to identify tumor localization and guide biopsy in order to improve their detection rate. The biopsy-proven tumor localization on the MRI as well as the biopsy locations and results are used to guide the focal treatment of Focal One thanks to a proprietary non-rigid fusion algorithm (HI Fusion).

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  • MR and 3D biopsies target automatically displayed on live ultrasound.
  • Design precisely area to be treated and follow HIFU shots.
  • Electronic displacement of focal point without any mechanical movement.
  • The Dynamic Focusing technology allows a precise non-invasive destruction of the target area within the prostate.
  • Precise planning capabilities.
  • Clear visualization of anatomical structures with MRI and biopsy information overlaid.
  • Small size of unitary HIFU lesion.
  • Ablation of a precise area around the tumor while sparing the surrounding tissue.
  • Complete motorization of all movements (3 translations and 1 rotation).
  • Robotic execution of planned treatment.
  • Real-time control and adjustment of rectal wall distance.