At the forefront of ESWL innovation for more than 35 years, EDAP TMS takes lithotripsy to the next level and puts the urologist back in the heart of the medical procedure with the Sonolith I-move.

New Diatron V shockwave generator: Smooth adaptation to children and obese patients. Treatment depth up to 180 mm adapted to patients’ morphology and a wide diameter generator providing more comfort and easier pain management. Variable treatment head position for smooth and universal adaptation Highest stone free rate Lowest retreatment rate to all types of cases.

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  • Touch-screen remote control
  • Dual simultaneous display on touch-screen interface
  • Intuitive and sharp navigation
  • Table movement
  • Shockwave power and shockwave frequency
  • For greater protection against X-ray, the Sonolith® i-move can be fully operated from a remote control station
  • Easily file patient and treatment information in the database for follow-up
  • DICOM 3.0 compatibility for free-flowing transfer of data and images with the hospital server
  • Compact design
  • Treatment generator fitting inside the module
  • Touch-screen closing the module for protection and easy storage (Touch and Visio-Track versions)
  • Maximum modularity and compatibility with existing hospital equipment:
    • Universal X-ray C-arm clamping system
    • IUPS: Isocentric Ultrasound Probe Support for cost effective ultrasound localization (Standard and Touch versions)
  • Adaptable to your needs with standard Endo-i-move or full carbon endo-urological table
  • Mobile device for day-to-day and inter-hospital use