The attributes to look for in modern shockwave technology are not only the ability to fragment stones, but more critically, the ability to do so wherever possible in a single sitting without the patient returning for retreatment and also to avoid steinstrasse. The unique and patented Electro conductive technology (ECL) utilized in the Sonolith i-sys is endowed with just the right combination of high pressure and focal size adaptability to pulverize stones into fragments small enough to be eliminated naturally. The comparison below of residual fragments after the in-vitro fragmentation of a phantom stone (left) using an electromagnetic shockwave generator (middle) and the Sonolith i-sys ECL source (right) provides clear evidence of finer fragmentation… achieved with fewer shocks.

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  • End of the inline/outline debate
  • Natural, easy and unrestrained stone exploration
  • Smooth and precise localization with no movement limitation
  • Ability to seek the best acoustic window
  • Radiation free treatment
  • Real-time follow-up during treatment