Nova Light 800

Multi-color technology allows the surgeon to adjust color temperature of the surgical light in accordance to structure of tissue, surgical application and individual color sensivity.

Additionally NOVA.light 800 offers the following outstanding features:

Extremely flat monocoque housing, with high IP protection class allowing an easy disinfection of the lighting body.

Multi-functional sterile handle allows to control main functions of the surgical light by the surgeons.

Fresnel technology for an outstanding shadow resolution and an even more homogeneous light fied without the need for complicated lighting management systems.

Nova-Lux Turbo function, allows to readjust lighting intensity throughout lifetime of LED´s, maintaining maximum lighting performance.

Centralized service slot, allows quick and tool-free access to complete electronic of surgical light, reducing downtime in case of servicing to a minimum.

Possibility of changing individual LED`s reduces servicing costs throughout lifetime and facilitates technological upgrades.

Light emitting surface, safety glass.



  • TECHNICAL DATA                                                                                             NOVA.light 800

    Dimming range                                                                                                 25 – 100%

    Light intensity in 1m distance (klx)                                                            160

    Electronic brightness adjustment (klx)                                                    40 – 160

    Endoscopic lighting                                                                                          yes | 5 – 10%

    Light field (d10) at illuminance at a distance of 1 m (mm)               170 – 300

    Color temperature (Kelvin) (Adjustable)                                                 3.800 – 5.000

    Color rendering index Ra                                                                               96

    Red rendering index R9                                                                                  96

    Depth of light field L1 + L2 (mm) 20%                                                      1.000

    Weight of light head (kg)                                                                              18

    Dimensions L x B x H (mm)                                                                           697 x 708 x 55

    Lifetime of LED light source (h)                                                                   > 50.000

    IP Protection class                                                                                            54

    Power consumption (Watt)                                                                         45

    Electrical light field adjustment                                                                 Yes

    Integrared camera (central position)                                                       HD

    Certification                                                                                                       CE

    Control options                                                                                                 Wall/Remote Control

    Control                                                                                                                 On OT Light dome

    Supply voltage                                                                                                   100 – 230 VAC 50 Hz/60 Hz

    Sterilizable handle                                                                                           Yes available

    Operating/storage Humidity                                                                       5 – 95%

    Tolerance ±10%; technical specifications are subject to change