Re Tractor

Instrument holder on Surgical Retractor System

The instrument holder is specially designed for the Surgical Retractor System GoldLine by Condor®. By means of an universal clamp, the instrument holder can be attached to any location on the system, a secure hold provided. And yet, the position of the nstrument holder depends on the surgical technique and intervention. Filling the instrument holder with HF instruments, the GoldLine system features additional security via an insulation in the main holder.


Cost reduction

The convincing advantages: The Condor® instrument holder assists for quick surgical procedures and safe intraoperative storage of any instruments – nearby the operating table. Dropping instruments can be avoided and the operating area keeps clearly arranged. In the long term, costs will be brought down: Less opening of separately packaged instruments or even entire instrument trays.


The advantages of the instrument holder at a glance


Prevents dropping-off instruments

Time saving: Individual instruments are ready-to-use quickly

Securing the instruments

No storing on the operating table

Compatible with all Surgical Retractor Systems GoldLine by Condor®



  • modular interchangeable
  • Compatibility of retractors
  • Multi-functionality
  • 3-D setting
  • ease of use
  • in situs adjustment of the depth
  • electrical safety
  • User training operations accompanied by medical device consultants
  • Easy to clean the device
  • operating costs optimization
  • Certified acc. EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC 2012 CE 0044
  • Discharge of qualified personnel
  • Made in Germany