Viky UP (uterus positioner)

VIKY UP is a motorized uterus positioner for gynecological laparoscopic surgery. You are now in command of uterus positioning. This system offers the advantages of robotic surgery without changing your operating practices.

VIKY UP improves the quality of uterus positioning:

  • Optimum uterus mobilization (ante version, retroversion or lateral exposure).
  • Proper traction is maintained on the uterus for accurate dissection and to keep unwanted structures out of the operating field.
  • Memorizes key positions for effective uterus mobilization.
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  • A system that frees the assistant to perform other task
  • Voice-activated or foot-activated multilingual command
  • Memorizing capacity of key positions
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Fixed onto the operating table rail, moveable during surgery
  • Light and space-saving
  • Compatible with other existing devices
  • Minimizes costs
  • Autoclavable